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tv   Today  NBC  November 16, 2011 7:00am-11:00am EST

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fallout and jerry sandusky exclusive interview do more harm than good to his legal case? how are alleged victims reacting to his comments. this as the man who says he caught sandusky abusing a boy in 2002 speaking out for the first time. and struggling potential front-runner herman cain and defending himself against critics once again. the dismissed case, the woman accusing justin bieber of fathering her son is reportedly dropping her paternity suit and now he could be filing a lawsuit of his own. this november 16th, 2011. this is today with matt lauer and ann curry. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to today an wednesday
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morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm ann curry. good morning. people tied to this penn state scandal have been criticized for not doing enough to pro-tetect victims and a lot has been made of the assistant graduate coach mike mcqueary. >> and he said he made sure the abuse stopped and contacted police about the incident. we'll have the latest on that and talk about whether jerry south dako sandusky put himself in more legal trouble when he spoke to bob costas this week. >> and a 2-year-old washington state boy, turning their attention to his mother's life online and raising the connection is there a connection to her possible search for a boyfriend who would compensate her. we'll explain what that's about. >> a little later on. you accidentally lock yourself out of your home and call a locksmith. a simple fix for a simple problem, right? wait until you see what our hidden camera investigation
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uncovered when we called locksmiths for help during difficult times. we get to that but we begin with the latest fallout from the penn state sex scandal. peter alexander is in penn state college again. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. late last night, nbc news spoke to the attorney for one of jerry sandusky's alleged victims who called jerry sandusky's comments insulting and were 100% false and worse yet were victimizing to his clients again. for many americans, jerry sandusky's first interview for claiming his innocence to bob costas was troubling. >> i have hordssed around with kids. i have showered after workouts, i have hugged them and i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> what are you willing to concede that you've done that was wrong and you wish you had
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not done it? >> in retrospect, i -- you know, i shouldn't have showered with those kids. >> reporter: but a lawyer for one of sandusky's alleged victims says his client is out-raged sandusky did not accept responsibility for his actions. >> it's fair to say my client was re-victimized as he watched mr. sandusky make his statement. >> reporter: he says he was especially trouble to sandusky's inability to respond to a simple question from costas. are you sexually attracted to young boys. >> am i sexually attracted to underage boys? sexually attract eed -- i enjoy young people, i love to be around them. i -- i -- but, no, i'm not sexually attracted to young boys. >> reporter: even former alaska governor sarah palin has weighed in speaking about sandusky on fox news.
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>> hang him from the highest tree. i'll bring a rope. >> reporter: mike mcqueary said he witnessed him assaulting a boy in the shower in 2002 before alerting head coach joe paterno, is under fire for not doing more. in an e-mail obtain by associated press in an e-mail said i did stop it physically before i left that locker room. i did have discussions with police when i left that locker room in charge of police. no one wants to be in my shoes for those 35 to 40 seconds, trust me. he described his emotions in his brief exchange with cnbc news. >> all over the place. shaken. >> reporter: crazy? >> crazy. >> you said what, like a -- >> now globe. >> reporter: like a snow globe? yes. >> reporter: prosecutors were not able to find the victim mcqueary says he saw but after
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speaking to ann today, he's spoken to the boy in the alleged assault. >> he's saying it never happen. >> reporter: for days there's been no sign of paterno fired a week ago today. in july, paterno transferred ownership of his home to his wife, sue, for one dollar. the paterno's lawyer told the times it was part of estate planning and had nothing to do with the scandal. >> reporter: the preliminary hearing for gary schultz and athletic director tim curley has now been delayed both men face perjury for what they know scheduled for december 6th. we received an e-mail for the men who said this is a traffic ve -- traffic ves city and said they deserve a speedy trial to face their accusers and clear their good name. >> star jones, former prosecutor and legal commentator, ladies,
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good morning to both of you. as attorneys, do you think jerry sandusky harmed his case by speaking out and giving this interview? >> solutely. >> no question whatsoever. an admission against self-interest. amounted to almost a confession to some of the elements of a crime. >> what do you mean? >> naked showering with children and engaging in naked horseplay, that is the definition of sexual assault. >> in the state of pennsylvania or everywhere? >> pretty much in everybody's estimation. >> i don't know he goes all the way there. i don't think his words standing alone are a smoking gun confession. in the totality of the circumstances when you start hearing other alleged victims who will come and take the stand and then you javierry sandusky stammering over a simple question, are you sexually attracted to young boys and he gives that halting response, i think it will be devastating in court. >> here, he says he was confronted about showering with a young boy years ago and said he wanted to die, he wished he hadn't done it and yet continues to show that pattern of
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behavior. what does that tell you? >> it tells me this is a person who has some sort of real problem with young children. jerry sandusky basically came across with bob costas as the creepy guy everyone thinks he is. >> if he was trying to change public opinion. >> absolutely not. >> and create a different image, the opposite effect occurred. >> i think we see why most defense lawyers in their right mind will never put a defendant before a reporter. this is exhibit a. obviously, the strategy was to try to influence potential jurists, to try to present a different side of the story. but it backfired in a big way. >> savannah, you talked about a second ago him seeming to have a difficult time answering a simple question whether he was sexually attracted to young boys. there was another moment in the interview that jumped out at me. this is when bob was asking him about doesn't it seem that his behavior, meaning jerry's behavior, seemed to fit the mo for a classic pedophile? let me play you what he said.
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listen carefully to this. >> i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many i didn't ha have -- i hardly had any contact with who i have helped in many, many ways. >> i didn't go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that i've helped. there are many i didn't ha have -- and then he sto stops -- like wait a minute. >> we all needed a shower after you heard that. >> what do you think you heard there? >> it was a pause and a hesitation to make sure he chose his words very very carefully. >> i think it's more th than -- honestly when i watched, i have to go back and read the transcript to see if i heard what i think i heard. it's not every young men, so there were other young men he did have sexual contact with. >> i think he chose his words, he wanted to make sure he did not say the wrong thing because
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in his heart and in his spirit, he does know what he did. >> basically, we're talking about eight alleged victims at the moment. we're talking about two people who say, who claim they were eyewitnesses here. >> i never heard of that, in all my years as a lawyer, i have never heard of someone walking in and seeing a child being sexually assaulted. it's unbelievable there is an eyewitness. >> which brings us to one of the eyewitnesses, mike mcqueary, who has now released and e-mail when he saw this and says he saw this, we have to take this as his word, although he did not stop it physically, he made sure it stopped before he left the locker room and contacted the polices, how does it help the case? >> i think it helps the police. >> helps the prosecution? >> if it's true, from mcqueary did talk to police and prosecutors can corroborate that, that's a contemporary report to authorities and bol r
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bolster credibility and help him as well. >> we don't have a right to see what the penn state police actually did because that's the one exception that college does not have to present any documents in the sunshine law. >> even as we talk about all this, we have to remember 1983 and the martin preschool case in california where numerous children said that they were abused at the hands of the people who ran that preschool, went to trial and no one was ever found guilty of a crime. there are times where stories like this turn out not to go in the direction we think they're going. >> that's why we have a legal process. >> we do. but we don't have somebody who usually walks in on a shower and seeing a child being raped. >> star jones, savannah guthrie. thanks very much. 10 minutes after the hour. here's ann. >> thanks. now to politics in the state of the gop presidential race, herman cain is firing back at critics once again after his libya stumble and now a new controversy over who he would like to see in his
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administration. we have nbc kelly o'donnell here with us. great to have you here. >> great to see you. you think it's about six weeks until iowa voters get their say, cain and the top republicans can't afford any fumble, any negative perception, it could cost them dearly. for now, cain is being defiant. herman cain is finding out in politics, silence may not be so golden. >> i paused. lib libya -- >> i don't understand why that pause created so much quote-unquote controversy. >> campaigning in iowa, tuesday, cain fired back at critics who claimed his meandering foreign policy responses mean he's not ready to be president. >> i have a lot of stuff twirling around in my head. >> reporter: for a half hour
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monday, cain took wide ranging questions from the milwaukee sentinel and said his performs needs no dang control. >> i have never not taken responsibility for what some people perceive as miss haps. in that particular case i paused to gather my thoughts. >> reporter: in a newry released pick he talks about people for his cabinet. >> dr. kissinger turned down my offer for secretary of state. said he was happy doing what he was doing. >> reporter: he recently met henry kissinger, now 88 years old. he said he was just kidding. >> i was not serious about asking him. i know he's retired. >> reporter: a string of missteps spun into a new web ad for michele bachmann. >> i will preserve and protect a woman's right to choose. >> reporter: claiming she's more consistently conservative while texas governor rick perry told iowa voters why he is different from the other republican
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candidates. >> i've never served in congress, never been a part of an administration. my career has been that of a washington outsider. >> reporter: campaigning in south carolina, mitt romney stayed focused on president obama. >> i just don't think president obama understands america. now, i say that because this week, or was it last week, he said that americans are lazy. i don't think that describes americ america. >> now, the president had used the word lazy when talking to ceos saying the u.s. should have done more to try to attract business here. other republicans have jumped on that lazy word, too. but the president's re-election campaign only responded to romney saying when he was ceo he was more concerned about ou out-sourcing than helping the middle class. >> thank you for your reporting. nbc correspondent chuck todd is traveling with the president in cambria, us -- canberra, usa
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australia. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> how much do you think this new video will add to herman cain's current slip already in the polls? >> reporter: i think it's close to being the disqualifying moment for his campaign. he was already in a bad place. while he wasn't losing support, he was raising questions among undecided republican voters, among those that weren't with him. his unfavorable ratings started to climb. this moment on libya and even this back and forth he had about henry kissinger, where you see him say one thing in the video, and then this claim that it was a joke a day later. it just adds, is a coupku couplg effect and cuts to the core of being commander in chief at this point. a lot of republican voters will look at that and say it's disqualifying. >> at the same time, newt gingrich now second in some national polls.
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is he the comeback kid of this race at the moment or just extremely lucky, chuck? >> reporter: i think this goes to the fact this is the wildest republican primary maybe in a generation or two generations. so, you know, we probably have three or four more ups and downs on this roller coaster. for newt gingrich we'll see. the first time he popped he didn't survive but a week under the glare of the presidential spotlight. it is a very intense glare. there is a report this morning from the newport news, the amount of money he received from freddie mac was $1.6 million and something he began one year after he left congress. the problem for gingrich, the message that would work in the republican primary is being an outsider, what rick perry said yesterday in iowa, if you're an advisor, not a lobbyist but advisor to freddie mac, one of the ultimate go.
7:16 am
insider institutions, it is hard to say you will be a change agent in washington. >> what is it that republican voters are looking for they're not getting contributing to the wildness described in this race? >> reporter: a couple of things. one, they want confrontation at president obama. it's wise the candidates that have popped the not mitt romney candidate whether donald trump earlier, sarah palin, michele bachmann, herman cain, they all have one thing in common, they're not afraid to say politically incorrect things sometimes to fire up the tea party base. republicans want some passion. mitt romney, that's not who he is. he's trying show a little bit of it. you see him trying to get some passion. it's not there yet and not clicking. that's what republicans, at least the non-tea party republicans want. if one of these candidates can combine brains, passion and money, they're going to win this nomination. at this point, it doesn't seem like any of the candidates can
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combine all three. mitt romney has the intellectual heft and the money. can he get the passion. if anybody can combine all three, that's the way to surpass him. >> chuck todd this morning. not sure if you're up early or late, whatever it is, thanks for joining us this morning. let's get a check of the rest of the top stories of the morning. natalie is on assignment. savannah moved over to the newsdesk. >> good morning. in the news, the u.s. is leading a search for a 21-year-old man it believes may be responsible for a shooting incident that damaged the white house last week. pete williams is in washington with more. good morning to you. >> at first, the shooting last friday night didn't seem to involve the white house, the shots were fired from a moving car on constitution avenue about a third of a mile from the white house. no one was hurt, the president out of town. investigators found the car later the suspect ran off but left behind an assault rifle and
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connected it to a drifter, oscar hernandez and has a distinctive tattoo on his neck that says "israel." then the secret service discovered two bullet wounds hit the white house. one struck a window and nearly all have bullet resistant glass but the outer historic glass was broken otherwise minor. agents are testing those rounds to see if they are a match to ortega's rifle. >> thank you. in new york, the tent city zuccotti park is now gone but the occupy wall street movement is still going. by tuesday night, protesters were allowed to trickle back into the park where they've been based for months. the judge ruled they can pro-tether in tpro pro- -- protest in the park but they cannot sleep there. >> melissa francis is at the wall street exchange. good morning.
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>> we're expecting an announcement the government has formed a new government as the largest bank, una credit reportedly formed. and as leaders say they need to move faster to fix this crisis. back to you. the paternity suit against teen pop star justin bieber has been dismissed. lawyers for the accuser have reportedly withdrawn from the case. as for bieber, he has disputed the paternity claims and his lawyer is said to be preparing to sue his accuser for making false allegations. a new message of hope from wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords to her constituents. it was posted on her facebook page. >> i miss you. i miss tucson, the mountains, blue skies, and the heat.
7:20 am
i'm getting stronger. i'm getting better. i want to go back to work, representing arizona is my honor. >> giffords expressed her sadness for the six people who died in the january shooting when she was shot in the head. she recorded this new message in houston where she's been undergoing rehabilitation therapy for months. no now, you can tell tucson is definitely in her heart. i'm tucson girl, just like gabby. >> just a story of resilience. i think it's inspirational for us all. >> mr. roker, how are you? you look very nice. >> thank you very much. unfortunately, the weather is not roker, you look nice today? >> unfortunately, the weather is not looking too nice in the gulf coast. we have had tornado warnings including in new orleans. and a risk of strong storms from new orleans, and you can see tornado watches from new orleans
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all the way up into alabama. heavy rain will be falling out of the system as well, and airport delays from atlanta to washington and new york city and boston as well. that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> a wet start to this wednesday here. good morning, i am meteorologist, tom kierein. and these areas of green are zones of light rain, and mostly light rain across virginia. and there are downpours in the areas of yellow. and we're in the 50s all around the region. 57 at reagan national. later today climbing into the low 60s with occasional showers throughout the day and into >> that's your latest weather. matt. thanks very much. just ahead, the disappearance of a 2-year-old boy in washington state. is there a connection to his mother's online searches. just ahead, this
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good morning. i am joe krebs. it's 7:26 on this wednesday that the the 16th of november. tom kierein has a look at the soggy forecast from storm center 4. >> we have a lot of rain in the tennessee valley and ohio valley, and it's an area of low pressure moving our way. out ahead of that we have light rain, mostly light rain across northern virginia, and the district and west virginia. and as the day progresses, we will climb out of the 50s where we are now and break into the low to perhaps mid-60s by early afternoon with occasional showers. looks like more rain likely tonight from time to time. and it may end by noontime tomorrow. turning colder than that after the
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good morning, traveling the inner loop of the beltway, you inner loop of the beltway, you are jammed from central avenue
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morning. november 16th, 2011. a few showers across the bay area northeast. nothing the people on rockefeller plaza can't handle. f why is this man running from our camera? >> you won't believe what him and some other locksmith did when we called them to get back in our house. the results of our investigation is coming up. plus take a look at a new ad campaign in milwaukee that shows a baby sleeping next to a huge knife. we'll talk to today's professionals about that ad and what it's for and whether it goes too far. they always have lots to say. coming up, high fashion at affordable prices. you won't believe this, versace is teaming up with h&m to make inexpensive beautiful clothes. we begin this half hour for a missing 2-year-old, sky
7:31 am
metawalla. investigators seem to be focusing on his mother. and miguel is in washington with details. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. here at the bellevue police department, detectives say the boy's mother, julia biryukova is not a suspect or even a person of interest but that hasn't stopped investigators from thoroughly looking into her personal life and alleged internet activity and what may have been a so-called search for a sugar daddy. 10 days after julia biryukova reported her little boy missing from a car she left on this road, police remain suspicious of her story. >> we're all aware of some of the inconsistencies from julia and that happened early on. >> reporter: she told police she left 2-year-old sky alone in the car november 6th after running out of gas, walked to this service station and returned to find sky missing. police test drove the car and say it wasn't out of gas and didn't have any mechanical
7:32 am
problems. now the search for clues extends to biryukova's activity online. >> that is something that is certainly part of an investigation like this but i can't talk about specifics we discovered. >> reporter: but brandon wade, the co-owner of the website s k is talking. >> the police issued a search warrant asking for information relating to her account. >> reporter: wade says police are investigating this profile posted by someone using the name julia biryukova, and using her photos. under the initials j.b., the poster says she's a sugar baby, seeking a real man from whom she expects 3 to $5,000 a month. >> they wanted all the records of her login activity on the website as well as whom she might have spoken to through the website. >> reporter: those records might tell police if these photos on the profile page attracted any men who might know what happened to sky. investigators say they're
7:33 am
frustrated. biryukova hasn't spoken to them in days, refuses to take a polygraph test and hired a criminal defense attorney. biryukova is also in a bitter divorce battle with sky's father. >> i do believe julia is responsible. if she can just cooperate, we can find where's our son. >> reporter: earlier this week, police said they were considering charging biryukova with leaving sky alone on the side of the road, but that hasn't happened and some are asking why. >> child abandonment is a crime. so why hasn't she been arrested? >> reporter: legal experts say police are doing the right thing by not rushing to judgment on sky's mother. >> we may still hope that the mother will speak voluntarily with police. we have a missing child out there. i think the number one priority of officers is to find this missing child. >> reporter: we've reached out to julia biryukova's lawyer who have denied comment and said at
7:34 am
the moment, they will not talk to the media. >> miguel, thank you very much. i said that boy has been missing 10 years, obviously i meant ten days. thank you very much. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> today's weather is brought to you by ethan allen. >> good morning, even though it's not winter quite yet, you can't tell that to the folks in fargo, north dakota, snow already falling, commuters making their way yesterday morning along a snowy route. it barely covered the ground bue ground, but it's just a look at things to come. and then winter storm warnings now moving into the mountains of the big storm system coming in. we are looking at gusty winds that will move in the next 24 hours. we are looking at anywhere from one to three inches of rain, all the way up to seattle and in the mountains and cascades, could see one to two feet over the next 48 hours. a risk of strong storms from the
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gulf coast on into the southeast and atlantic states. sunny but cooler through the southwest. that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i am meteorologist, tom kierein. in storm center 4 we have a large area of rain stretching from here all the way back to the tennessee valley and advancing southwest to northeast coming our way. right now locally we have light rain across northern virginia and maryland and west virginia, and the pockets of yellow is where it's coming down harder. we will have our temperatures in the 50s, hold steady here for another couple hours, and then later today into the 60s with more rain don't forget you can check your weather any time of the day or night. go to the weather channel online at thank you, up next, hidden investigation, we'll show you how long smiths could be preying on you during an emergency. ore. i earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% on groceries.
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we're back now. it's 7:39. this morning on "today" investigates what appears to be a growing nationwide scheme. it targets you when you're most vulnerable. locked out of your car or your home. jeff is here with a consumer
7:40 am
alert. good morning. >> we were just talking. it's happened to you and happened to me, too. frustrating, you forget your keys and get locked out. desperate and standing outside, you call an emergency locksmith. our investigation found some locksmiths are preying on customers, charging outrageous fees and even using intimidation to shake you down for hidden cash. good thing our hidden cameras are rolling. why is this man breaking into our house with a crowbar? sn>> no comment and walk away, bye-bye. >> reporter: why is this man destroying our lock and then running from our cameras. >> reporter: is there anything you want to say? why is this lock missed busting our door open with a drill and then demandsing we pay him hundreds in cash. >> i don't have $635 cash. >> can you go to the bank somewhere? >> reporter: wait. did he just ask this customer to go to the bank with him? >> i'm not going to get in the car with you to go to an atm
7:41 am
machine. >> reporter: that sounds legitimate to you? >> am i going to tell you? >> reporter: what's your name? >> what's your name. >> reporter: our investigation unlocks the shady truth behind some emergency locksmiths. they grab you with catchy web d ads promising professional service at a great price. when you're standing in the cold with a call for help, who's really showing up at your door. >> i was horrified. >> reporter: janice putnam was locked out of her condo all alone. she googled a local locksmith on her phone. >> i asked how much will this cost me? they said $39. i thought, well, this will be good. >> reporter: when the locksmith got her back in the house, the $39 quote was gone. the new price, a whopping $833. >> i couldn't think i was almost physically ill. >> reporter: experts say locksmith's schemes are a national growing problem. we set up our own experiment renting this home in suburban
7:42 am
new york. we hired this licensed locksmith to install simple locks on our door. he said any locksmith would pick it easily. he showed up in just seconds. his charge for this job, about $100. >> there's no damage to the lock, a minimal charge to the customer and a proper way to perform that service on a lockout. >> reporter: what would other locksmiths do? to find out, we installed hidden cameras covering every angle around our door. then we had this nbc producer pose as the homeowner, locked out, after forgetting her keys inside. >> yes. i'm locked out of my house and i need seone to help me get back in. >> reporter: over two days, we had her call eight locksmiths all advertising 24 hour service in our town. >> i a'm so glad you finally got here. >> reporter: as each locksmith showed up, we were watching with our expert from a control room inside the house. >> i locked myself out. the key's inside. >> reporter: when this locksmith arrives, great news. he quickly picks our lock and
7:43 am
charge us only $97. but our luck is about to change. >> hi. i thought you'd never get here. >> reporter: this guy's company touts $15 locksmith service. when he gets to our door. >> it's $100 and a $15 service fee. >> reporter: he's just warming up. instead of picking our lock, he tries to pry the door open with a board. when that doesn't work, he grabs our doorknob with pliers and rips it off. >> this is what i would do. >> yes. that's why you're not a licensed locksmith. >> reporter: now, we're on the hook for a brand new lock and doorknob. total price, $223. >> >> reporter: jeff rossen from nbc news, how are you? is there a reason you charged $223 for what experts say should cost $100? you never picked the lock and didn't ask her for id and whether she actually lives here. is there anything you want to say? >> reporter: believe it or not in most states, locksmiths don't have to go through background
7:44 am
checks or be licensed. this guy wrecks our lock and charges her twa $ $253. >> what is your past experience? >> reporter: we had our experts put a fresh lock on and one after another overcharged us. this next guy immediately brings out his drill. oh, look, he destroys our lock. then conveniently sells us a new one. the price, $265. >> reporter: you didn't even try to pick the lock, you drilled right through without trying. >> that's what i do. you don't pick locks. in the movies, you pick a lock. you can't pick a lock. >> reporter: the movies? remember, our real life expert picked a lock in seconds. of all the locksmiths we called we were most shocked by this one. >> it will be $275. >> i need a new lock, right? >> it will be $225.
7:45 am
>> reporter: we're already up to $500 and he hasn't even started working yet. then he begins to drill. final price this time, $635. >> it's horrible. that's ridiculous. it's a hundred dollar job, $600 he wants. >> reporter: even more outrageous, he wants it all in cash. >> no credit cards. there's no way you could pay cash? >> i don't have $635 cash. >> maybe you could go to the bank or something? >> the bank? >> reporter: when our producer resists the locksmith calls his boss and the price jumps again. >> $685. >> reporter: you heard him, $685. then the boss tries to pressure our producer. >> i don't carry over $600 in cash on me. tell him to take me to the atm and then he will drive me back home? i don't know. >> my gosh, she can't get in the car with this guy. we don't know who he is. >> reporter: hi. jeff rossen from nbc news. that's when we jump in. experts say you could have picked this lock in under a minute and a $100 and you
7:46 am
charged her $685 and demanded she pay you cash. you think that's right? >> how can i help you, sir? >> reporter: answer my question. >> turn the camera off. >> reporter: are you a licensed locksmith? i'm just trying to find out why you're trying to charge the woman more than six times what experts say it should cost. >> what do you want me to tell you. >> reporter: excuse me? what did you say to me? >> what's my name? >> reporter: yeah. >> what's your name. jeff rosen, nbc news. >> nice name. >> reporter: in the end, our expert says four out of the eight locksmiths we called charged us too much and mangled our locks in the process. >> there's more. we found many of online locksmiths are using fake addresses making it impossible to track them down even if you do have a complaint. we found some listed in parking lots, abandoned buildings and churches and schools. >> best way for consumers to protect themselves? >> a couple things. if you're in this situation, you want to try to get the quote,
7:47 am
the estimate in writing before they even start working and say to them, i don't have the cash on me, will you take a credit card. you know and can turn them away if you don't have the cash and don't end up getti gting scared your life. today, before there's ever an emergency, go in your local town and look for a legitimate locksmith, story front, actual manager and boss and get their card and program their number in your phone and so if you have a jam, you have their number and not googling. >> thank you very much. really terrific. coming up next, remember the craze at target? now, versace is going to give you a first look so you can avoid the crowds, at least at the beginning, right after these messages. oh, ha. the target 2 day sale starts early friday,
7:48 am
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going to stop me is weak thighs. here and the last thing that's dollar menu at breakfast. mountain series, level 10. backwards. starts next friday morning at midnight. just ahead, is that an effective ad or does it cross the line? one of the topics we'll discuss with our professionals. >> they always have a lot to say. plus, tod"people" magazine' sexiest man alive. who is it? [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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good morning. i am joe krebs. we have 59 degrees on this friday -- sorry, it's a wednesday morning.
7:56 am
it's a wet wednesday morning. let's get the forecast from storm center 4 with tom kierein. >> it has been light rain around the metro area, but heavy rain is coming out the tennessee valley and advancing. we have light rain across northern virginia in the district and much of maryland and west virginia and temperatures are in the 50s. it's 57 at reagan national. later today, may reach the low and mid-60s. and off and on showers tonight a[ male announcer ] want toght achieve more with your money?
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8:00 am
. >> we are back. 8:00 on a wednesday morning. the 16th day of november, 2011. pretty moderate out. 57 degrees. the rain could be falling a little later on. look at the crowd we have gathered. imagine one week from today, that crowd will probably be, i don't know, times ten as justin bieber takes to our concert stage on the plaza for a half hour of music on the day before thanksgiving. if you're in the area, check that out. by the way, out on the plaza, matt lauer along with ann curry and al roker. i think we lined up interesting topics for today's professionals including, did you see nasa is starting a new campaign to attract a new generation of astronauts. they're talking to kids in school and want the to sign up to become astronauts. they're doing it at the same time they just canceled the shuttle program and the russians are the ones basically launching rockets to the space station.
8:01 am
is there kind of mixed message to that? we'll talk about that and discuss that psa campaign in milwaukee where they're trying to warn parents about the dangers of co-sleeping, one of the dangers showing a baby sleeping with a butcher knife. does it go too far? >> by the way, most of the world co-sleeps with their children and not in this country. by the way, another topic for all the women watching, there has been this consistent trend major designers have been hooking up with chains that sell clothing, target, h&m. now, versace is about to do this with h&m and, boy, they're expecting a stampede and people will get only 15 minutes to stop and they're expecting so many people. this morning, we will give you a sneak peek, baby. get in there before it happens. >> love it when you get that. >> i am. look at me!
8:02 am
>> not bad. that's another story. we will reveal people's pick for sexiest man alive. sexiest. >> what kind of newsman are you? >> you sound like thurston powell. >> i know. lovie! >> natalie is on assignment. savannah at the newsdesk. >> good morning. in the news today, the one time graduate assistant who testified he saw former penn state coach jerry sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a shower is defending his actions. mike mcqueary told a friend in an e-mail last week he did make sure the attack was stopped when he left the locker room although the did not physically intervene. he says he talks to police as well at the time. meantime, the "new york times" reports head coach joe paterno who was fired last week transferred ownership of his home to his wife in july. they said it was part of estate planning and not an act to shield potential assets from a
8:03 am
lawsuit arising from the scandal. president obama arrived in us an australiaial he had to postpone twice before because of pressing business in washington. he's there now and announced a new agreement expanding u.s. military presence in australia as a result of china's more aggressive posture in that region. the house is poised to give final congressional approval to president obama's job package. to employ veterans and government contractors. part of the measure is funded by fund save because of making it harder for some elderly americans to qualify for medicaid. and the games are delayed until december 13th because of two lawsuits filed against the league in at least two states. an american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts arrive safely at the international space station. they traveled aboard the rush
8:04 am
san spacecraft, the only one since late july and and unmanned russian cargo spaceship. what has you talking online? royal sister-in-law pippa has found a manly shoulder to cry on after a breakup with her boyfriend alex louden. a long weekend spent at the estate of earl george percy, an old college chum. the pair travel to london monday. and googling abercrombie and fitch's legal situation. reality star mike sorentino is suing the chain. he claims the company drummed up valuable publicity by falsely claiming it had offered him money not to wear abercrombie clothing. the google mat mystery has google sleuths in a frenzy,
8:05 am
troubled by patterns of strange white lines a mile long. now, a former cia analyst is asking why someone has been directing google satellite to take hundreds of pictures of that area since 2004. it's 8:05 now, back to ann and matt. >> i love stories like that. >> i do, too. let's get to the bottom of that. >> very cool. mr. roker standing to our right to tell us when it will start raining. >> we have a spell of weather coming. they are spelling out their town. bac bacont baconton, georgia, home of the blaze. wow. do they make bacon in baconton? >> pecans. >> all right. let's check it out. it should be cal well, let's check it out. let's find out what is going on in cincinnati, ohio. rain and cool. they are our pick city of the day. as we check out what is going on, we have severe weather going on down through the gulf coast
8:06 am
and down through the southeastern atlantic states. tornado watches in effect through this morning in parts of alabama and you can see the risk of strong storms making their way along the southeastern atlantic ocean. and more rain along the eastern seaboard later today. plenty of sunshine in the central plains and down into the southwest. that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> it's a wet wednesday. good morning. meteorologist, tom kierein, in storm center 4. we have light to moderate rain in some of the regions. the yellows, moderate rain. it will continue to advance southwest throughout the rest of the day. we are at 57 at reagan national. and maybe thunder and lightning, too, later this afternoon and early this evening. >> in just a little bit, the rockets will be performing on our plaza. you know one of the rockettes.
8:07 am
>> our daughter. >> we'll be watching for those legs. >> are you done now? we will be hearing from today's professionals, weighing in on the hottest topics. first, today from nbc. ♪ aahh. aaahh! you will win this. faster, faster. ♪ yes. [grunting noise] the target 2-day sale starts next friday morning at midnight. are you ready? let's show 'em what a breakfast with wholegrain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte. medium macchiato, light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos, make one a double. she's full and focused! [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate, hold the whip
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there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at back now at 8:09, another installment of professionals, star jones, donny deutche, dr.
8:10 am
nancy snyderman. let's start with jerry sandusky, in the middle of a scandal involving the alleged sexual abuse of children. he gave an exclusive interview with bob costas that's being played everywhere. star, i know what you think of this case, it a's a mistake he gave that interview. >> absolutely. man, boy, cuffs and jail, exactly as it should be. >> and donnie, perception, brand and image. did anything positive come out of this? >> interesting, i'm of the belief if you are innocent, lawyers tell you to be quiet, get out in front. there's no other voice heard. having said that, when you heard this voice and heard him pause and say, am i sexually attracted to young boys. that's a quick answer. i think he did nothing but hurt himself. >> it's admissible for everything. becomes part of his record. >> this is an admission against self-interest and any prosecutor can use it.
8:11 am
it's far more impressive than actual audio. >> i want to go back to something we talked about before, even forever you suspect a child is being harmed, your job is to report it. you don't need proof to report it, a suspicion is all you need. >> something caught my eye on tuesday, nasa. they're launching a new campaign aimed at young students. they want them to sign up and become the next generation for astronauts. they want to hires a stron naughts. it's russians sending astronauts to the space. are they going to get a new wave of astronauts? >> i think americans have to get their courage again. we wanted explorers and were scientists. i wanted christa mccaul if's job as a physician teacher. i want girls in science and want them psyched.
8:12 am
>> good news. i have hired thousands of people over the years. 15 years ago, all young people wanted was money. today, the good news this generation, the first generation not just about appearance, forced them into a more civic public mindset thinking -- >> where is that mindset? when i was a kid, i wanted to be an astronaut, apollo was in its heyday. >> we're waxing nostalgic right now. kids want to be "the situation." not as many kids as i'd like to hear. i wanted to be a lawyer since i was 8 years old. >> don't they want to be steve jobs? >> i think we sell kids short. kids can distinguish train wreck entertainment versus what they want to be. >> i'd like to hear us emphasize more of those kids. >> we have to make science cool. >> let's go to milwaukee, wisconsin. a new psa campaign designed to warn parents of the dangers of
8:13 am
co-sleeping? parent sleeping with young babies, graphic images, a baby with a meat cleaver saying this is just as dangerous, another baby with a butcher knife. is this a good message? >> no. >> no? >> i mean, look, co-sleeping in this country leads to infant deaths, we know parents can roll over on babies and smother them. i think this is over the top. >> nancy, let me say, if it saves one baby, by the way, we're talking about it here so it's getting even more awareness, if it saves one baby. >> are there no other ways of doing it? >> more graphic, if it gets babies saved. >> isn't there precedent? how many times have we talked about cigarettes and watched those commercials. >> and the egg frying and those are the things that makes people stop and think. >> drugs on brain.
8:14 am
you in favor of it? >> i'm in favor of it. >> the message is important but this is not the right way to do it. >> did you notice they are giving money if you can't afford a crib. they say they will do that. that's important. >> something caught my eye tuesday, the u.s. postal service announced its latest financial results, will lose $5.1 million. profits from first class mail dropped 6% last year and will deliver 3 billion fewer pieces of mail this year. from a business perspective, can the postal service be saved? should it be saved? >> we may be the four last people on earth that love letters. obviously people aren't and the usps is existing on bulk mail, the catalogs we get. i don't think it's salvageable. >> the problem today running a business, if people aren't in sebty advised, have jobs for life, the problem we're seeing across the country, whether teachers, postmen are great and teachers are great.
8:15 am
privatizing things would make them that much more effective. business common sense. >> you're talking the business side. let's talk about the social side. if there were no such thing as snail mail, don't get christmas cards next month. that thank you note you write, will you miss it? >> i like getting my grandmother's notes. she's 94 years old. i have all her notes. >> there may be a role for privatization. maybe we're looking at the fact this maybe should not be something the government runs anymore. >> as a brand guy, ad guy, how would you re-brand the postal service? >> make it about human beings. make it about that guy -- >> a campaign, with a guy coming in, a personal relationship. >> those were actors, i'm saying real postmen so it doesn't become about the postal service, becomes about lou, busting his hump for me and i want to get behind him. >> last week, about the whole nurse thing, you can't do that by text. >> last subject for a wednesday
8:16 am
morning. in our next half hour, on this program, "people" magazine is going to unveil the sexiest man alive in 2011. ladies, i'll start with you on this. who should it be? >> i like a world traveler and natty dresser. i probably would pick you. >> be serious. >> derek jeter. >> derek jeter. star jones. that face. >> you don't make a face on derek jeter. >> that face. >> i will be the one. you may not -- >> that's as good as you can get. >> oh, my god. >> i will be honest with you, i think he deserves to be in the running and i'm a guy. >> first of all, anything a yankee does you mentioned derek jeter, we have a problem. >> mine is a european you never heard of and you will not know his name. >> you can't do that. somebody you never heard of. >> i don't think there's anybody so sexy. >> can a man speak? >> they will pick someone who -- a 20 something-year-old.
8:17 am
>> you think it's a popularity contest? >> yeah. reall really. >> you won't get a word in here. >> this is very sort of expected, it's still george clooney. >> i was going to say that. >> george clooney is sexy and part of that is because he's unobtainable. no matter how many women he sleeps with, they won't change his mind. >> he's also smart. >> he's smart, he's kind. he's nice, he knows who he is. he's sexy and he does -- derek jeter. >> you got to be kidding me. >> i'll be honest with you, i did not see this little rift coming. guys back in our next hour for two more of our hot topics, treasure or trash, behind the reality show storage wars.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
man's trash is another man's treasure. when you mix in a lot of competition and drama, it makes a hit reality show "storage wars." carey joins us in our studio. great to have you here. >> good morning. these abandoned units either have inside junk or they might have a treasure. on "storage wars," folks bid on the contents of those abandoned units. here's the catch. you can't poke through the contents before you bid. you have about five minutes, look at the contents through an open door. just a month ago, somebody bought this storage unit over $1,000. inside, spanish gold deblums and silver pieces worth more than a half million dollar. >> all righty. here we go. >> reporter: it's one of those underground businesses few have ever heard of. >> the best kept secret for 30 years, that i know of. >> reporter: until the tv show,
8:22 am
"storage wars" came along. ha part economics, part personality, as the gambler, mogul, young gun and collector vie for storage units long abandoned. what look like a game on television is a serious business. real cash for real items. sometimes it's a bust. >> really, i don't know what you saw in this unit. >> reporter: sometimes, it's like winning the lottery. daryl paid $2700 for one locker that turned out to have the most e extensive comic book collection in the world. >> it was seven pickup truck loads of comic books and worth, today if i still had them would be worth $5.4 million. >> i once paid $750 for a university and turned out it had a painting entitled "the golden pool" and sold for 56$560.
8:23 am
>> reporter: why do you think this is clicking zbl. >> >> people say, i can do this. >> reporter: you're up against the likes of pros, like barry white, an inventor player who flew a toy helicopter with a camera just to get a peek beyond everyone else's view. he's the guy who had a friend on stilts wear night vision goggles which revealed what no one else could see. >> i think my secret weapon stumbled on to something cool. >> reporter: that tip paid off. barry paid only $850 for this collectible bmw. >> i will give three or four grand for it. >> reporter: the concept is simple, buy low and resell high. >> it cost us a lot of money starting out. >> at the learning curve was bad and expensive. >> reporter: what hurt this couple most was dave hester. >> kind of a bully, i guess. >> reporter: dave hester, with his trademark bid likes to haze
8:24 am
newbies, bidding up the prices on the unit. his goal, scare away the competition. his victim this day, a smart-aleck reporter goofing on his trademark. >> giddy? up. >> giddy. >> up. >> the auctioneer warned me. >> they're your competition, not your friends, they will be your enemies. >> reporter: the pros said i could not fully understand what i was reporting if i didn't play the game. >> the gambler might refer to this locker as the wild factor and alan greenspan might call it irrational exuberance. >> i should call it? >> a big fat chance, my friend. look at this. >> reporter: it's fun, intoxicatin intoxicating. >> giddy! >> i hope you got money. >> oh! >> thank you very much.
8:25 am
>> jim will take care of this later. >> reporter: just for today, that means there's the gambler, mogul, young gun, collector and the sucker. >> you can tell i lost my money. my unit had old pinball machine, nasty furniture, analog tv, $1300 worth about $700. we took the contents and gave the proceeds to charity. otherwise, i'm glad i don't have to explain to jim bell what i really did with his money. >> thanks so much. great report. back after this.
8:26 am
8:26 is the time now on this wednesday, november 16th, 2011. good morning. i appear eun yang. let's go to storm 4 math me meteorologist, tom kierein. >> and the tennessee valley having moderate to heavy showers as well as into west virginia and south of washington, these are advancing southwest to northeast. we will have them off and on throughout the rest of the day, these passing showers. right now we're in the 50s. 57 at reagan national. later today low to mid-60s. the shower activity may be accompanied by thunder and
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning. traveling westbound, route 50 at martin luther king highway. three of the right lanes are blocked. and then also inner loop of the beltway seeing an accident there taking away two left lanes. it's as aapproach allentown road, and the delays are jammed pack as you make your way towards the parkway.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:32 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on this wednesday morning, november 16th, 2011, you're watching the world famous radio city rockettes, opening their 79th christmas spectacular down the street at radio city music
8:33 am
hall. w hello. how are you? >> thanks for having me. >> you're not even out of breath. thanks for the nostalgia of watching you this morning. there is a kind of high-tech nature, i understand. >> there's so many exciting elements to the show. we have these beautiful new costumes we're wearing today and this new 3d live video adventure. >> 3d? >> for the first time, it's incorporated with a live performance. >> i have always thought you were kind of 3d. >> careful. >> we want to mention that the show opens tonight and it runs through january 2nd. and you ladies really work hard during that period of time. >> if you come any christmas, it's this year. make sure to get your tickets at rad radioci and at the box office. >> thank you. good to have you.
8:34 am
what else is coming up?, or the box office >> also, we will tell you how you can dress like a celebrity. there's a new line of versace, and we'll get a sneak peek of what it's all about. >> and the passion is in a lot of people, particularly star jones and nancy snyderman, and who is the sexiest man alive for "people" magazine, 2011. they unveil the winner in the next half hour. >> first, let's get inside and get a check of the -- >> let me go inside. >> no, it's like a 3-d live experience right here. it's like you can reach out and touch me. wow! it's amazing! let's show you what is happening as far as your forecast is concerned. for today, we are expecting to see a risk of strong storms.
8:35 am
southeast atlantic go into the coast. and then tomorrow we have got more rain in the morning along the southeastern and mid-atlantic coast. heavy rain moving into the pacific northwest. the cold air will make its way through the south and mild weather with sunshine, and that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. i am meteorologist, tom kierein. we have a wave of low pressure heading our way. all the moving color is rain coming out the tennessee valley heading northeast. right now right around washington, generally some light rain. we have more moderate showers, areas of yellow and orange to charles county. and temperatures are in the 50s. right now 57 at reagan national. later today in the low to mid-60s. occasional showers throughout the day. maybe don't forget you can check
8:36 am
your weather any time of the day or night, go to the weather channel or >> now, to willie scott. >> lots of anniversaries on this one. stand by, america. here we go. robert derosa, from clarksburg, maryland, up the road from us, 100 years old. still sharp as a tack, i wish i could say that. and attributes his longevity to take many vitamins. a lot of people believe in that. elvir ra fusciardi, from shelby township. 100 years old today. loves to tend to her award winning roses. not all areas are good for roses. beatrice kalish, from tamarac, florida, 100 years old today. a proud dress designer for men.
8:37 am
years also taking care and writing to her friends. she loves that. works very hard as a publisher, too. can't beat that. take a look. pearl is a real as well girl, couldn't bring lulu. >> from passaic, new jersey. 100 years old today. accomplished athlete and loves to drink three cans of canada dry ginger ale and eat lamp chops, what she has every night for dinner. can't beat that. good old david and birdie k a d birdie kadish. from skokie, illinois. a purple heart recipient. howard and arlene hart, austinburg, ohio. 75 years they've been married.
8:38 am
still very active in all sorts of activity. they say the secret to longevity is to love each other, as simple as that. that's all from washington at this time. >> willard, thank you very much. when we come back, who is the sexiest man alive from "people" magazine, 2011? they'll reveal their choice. first, this is
8:39 am
hey, what are you drinkin'? i'm drinkin' dunkin'. coffee -- black, straight up. extra cream, three sugars. iced coffee french vanilla. for me. iced coffee with a turbo shot.
8:40 am
i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. i'm drinkin' dunkin'. drinkin' dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee. back now at 8:40. it is now time for us to reveal "peop "people's" 2011 sexiest man alive. here to announce it is senior writer for "people," julie jordan. who is the sexiest man alive? >> bradley cooper.
8:41 am
>> of "hangover," limitless fame, adorable personality. his reaction? >> pumped. that's what we're looking for, we want a guy humble. his dad died in january and he's really close to his mom. and he brought his mom and rescue dog, charlotte, to the photo shoot. the two leading ladies in his life. he's a really good guy. >> that's cool. he's not going to be able -- he will be teased up and down. >> i know. it's worth it. >> i'm sure he will find it worth it. you also recognize a number of other great men including tod "today" show staff favorite, ryan gosling, and i will ask you, what is it about ryan? >> i think he has a lot of looks that pull off sexy, whether on the streets of new york city, breaking up a fight, whether he is dapper in like a gucci suit,
8:42 am
he is just all around, very becoming and very sexy. >> there he is sweeping al off his feet. he's also very active in humanitarian work. >> maybe in my view, number one. moving on, justin timberlake on your list. >> you know, triple threat, acting, dancing, singing, there's nothing this guy can't do. and a true gentleman. >> exactly. here's one people might not get, with all due respect, the male members of the "saturday night live" cast, you have them in what like a '30s photograph? >> we did retro. retrospective. we created a great photograph of the construction workers hanging over the city on a beam. they're having a fun time and all appreciate the fact that we are giving them this title. >> to make nancy happy, you have george clooney on the list who always likes to mention he's a
8:43 am
two time sexiest man alive, and robert pattinson and brian williams made the list and will make it hard for us to work with him anymore. >> it's worth it. he can make you laugh and deliver serious news, the perfect combination. >> the sexiest man alive hits newsstands on friday. coming up next, designer fashions at affordable prices and versace at h&m.
8:44 am
8:45 am
back now at 8:45 with "today's" styles. and the target stores and now h&m is getting in on the action collaborating with the house of versace for a new line that hits
8:46 am
the stores frid. bobbi thomas has a first look. >> good morning. >> why so many famous names collaborating with these big chains like target and h&m? >> exposure. a lot of these stores gives them a huge audience. h&m has 300 stores to roll this out to and the lower price point gives them a chance to sell to a younger generation to build the brand and supply. they want to supply the demand out there. so many people buying up. you saw the mania around target and the stores want to give customers what they want. >> this may be the best versace collection to come along in years. a stampede is expected. >> i have to say the buzz has been big around this collection. they've had people sleeping on
8:47 am
the streets. h&m said with every collaboration, people have been sleeping on the streets to gain entry to the stores the first day of the launch. >> which is not until saturday. sleeping on the streets now. >> they will be lining up. it has been crazy. if last week's pre-shopping event is any indication, i saw people snapping clothes off the hangers. >> you're wearing one now? >> yes. the skirt is $70 and jacket is $99. i have a pillow sitting on my couch, same fabric from years back. a little nostalgic and i think people will like that. >> let's get to the models and we'll have to go quickly. that's my fault talking about it. this is a little black dress. you pull that off so well. >> this is embellished top and skirt, top $70 and skirt $129.
8:48 am
they even made the shoes, $129 for the boots. this is a well put together look. jessica alba recently wore this for a launch event. >> great for a party. and wearing a pop of color. >> really known for bold colors and bright patterns. this dress is only $70, a great buy if you want a versace name and classic signature dress with cape look on the back. sling back shoes, $129. >> no! >> that's a fantastic look. you can twirl it and see how pretty it is. >> you really pull it off. >> and wearing a versace print. >> they're known for big prints. $149. >> it also has a nice back. >> it has a nice back. cutout in the shoulder. and patent shoes. you'll see the detail. donatell donatelle worked hands on.
8:49 am
this wasn't just a licensing deal. >> not just for girls. we have something for guys. going classic with pink. >> i think you will see everything. there's wild head to toe zebra looks. this classic tuxedo, 179 for jacket, 79 for pants and $99 for the shoes. your man going shopping, i like the pop of pink for the shirt, good to go. >> nicely done modeling. why don't you all come out while we talk about the accessories. >> this is what most people will try to pick up. most accessories under $50 with the exception of the bag, pricey and this is what the bloggers are going for studded bags. >> they're so expensive these days, off the charts. >> $199 and the smaller is slightly less. jewel starts at $129.95 and i think she did a good job of editing on the different types of pieces.
8:50 am
>> i'm liking this belt. >> and they will have duvets and et cetera. >> we will see more competition with this companies and designers. >> the next big buzz is lady gaga doing her 12 days of christmas at barney's and people counting down to get chocolate skulls and everything else. >> bobbi, thank you and all our models. thank you so much this morning. coming up next, sharing our favorite recipes and cozy meals. first, this
8:51 am
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visit today. a relaxed approach to cooking, here with dishes from her cookbook, nigella, recipes from the heart of the home. i like what you said. the kitchen is not a place you want to escape from, a place you want to escape to. a different way of looking at it. >> not that you want things to be elaborate and have to cook for hours, this recipe we will start off with is incredibly quick, simple. enjoy it when you're there. >> this is one of your favorite pasta dishes. you like it when eating alone. >> i do. it's sinful and luxurious.
8:53 am
>> at the same time, you say it's great for the family as well. >> the one we will do next is for family. this is a bit rich. certainly, you could have your friends around. i wouldn't give it to children. >> it's a pasta dish. >> it has linguine in there. we'll come to that. eggs, heavy cream. parmesan. a bit of oil. >> it can be overpowering. >> it can be, a few drops. do you know how much this costs for real? $2,000 a pound. >> my son loves it. >> i think, anyway, you should buy it and share it with friends and decant it. >> and about two minutes less than they recommend on the package. >> then you taste it and take it
8:54 am
off, in it goes. a teeny bit of melted butter. >> huh? >> did you put some in the water? >> i do. italians say it helps keep the starch from binding. >> i'm watching. >> look! >> i'm sorry! >> so sorry! >> this could have been you. >> exactly. >> i'm so sorry. >> that's okay. >> no problem. >> you say it's okay. >> fine. it's her dress. it doesn't matter. f you make that up and taste it and add a little more, maybe a drizzle of the truffle oil on top? >> you absolutely could. you want to go to that truffle oil, don't you? i don't dear are go near you wi this. >> excuse me.
8:55 am
>> let's get to the family. what are we doing? >> you go that way in case she spills something. >> this, i think full means squash. and ground ginger and tu meric makes it a bit more gold. you can do any greens. it doesn't really matter. lovely with roast chicken. >> you've also got pine nuts? >> i have. >> how much is that? >> as much as you want. not a special pine nuts. >> careful. >> golden raisins. we have vinegar oil and the dressing. >> very good for you. >> very good. >> this goes well with that. >> it goes with the season, doesn't it? jar of peppers, lemon juice and
8:56 am
chi chi chiles. >> yeah! >> the recipe is the heart of the home. >> that's right. coming up today, we're back and your local news. 8:56 is your time now on this wednesday, november 16th, 2011. good morning. i am eun yang. let's go to our meteorologist, tom kierein, for a look at the forecast today. a rainy day. >> yeah, we had light rain off and on. and there is quite a bit more yet down stream, way down southwest of us in the tennessee valley. right now getting moderate rain. southern maryland northern neck of virginia, it's heading south and east of washington and over across the bay in the next couple hours. right now the 50s all around the region. later today in the 60s. rain ending not until noontime tomorrow. tomorro[ female announcer ] we understand that today
8:57 am
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♪ [ multiple sounds making melodic tune ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at northrop grumman, every innovation, every solution, comes together for a single purpose -- to make the world a safer place. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman.
8:59 am
good morning. if you are traveling westbound route 50, two lanes still blocked due to the crash there. and traveling the inner loop of the beltway, 495 approaching allentown road
9:00 am
xxxxpa we're back on a wednesday morning, the 16th day of november, 2011. under grey skies. a nice crowd of people gathered out on our plaza. and, by the way, some of those people greeting some of the stars of "twilight. mickey reeves. >> i was wondering why they took the mirrors out of the makeup room. >> see that picture? you won't be in that picture. >> not in it. >> on the plaza, matt lauer with ann curry and mr. al roker, coming up with the "today's" professionals that stuck around. >> they will be back. >> including was there a cover-up at penn state university and who knew what when? and the question debated for years and years, can men and women really just be friends.
9:01 am
also coming up, talking about the things we cannot keep secret, really talk about no matter how embarrassing they are. if you feel like you snore too much or if you have, you know, i guess what salt on your face? >> if you had a little bit of what do they call this, bobby pins? >> yes, bobby pins coming down. i'm a mess today. anyway, someone is making a lot of noises and people keep playing with your hair. if you have things happening you're worried about, you should talk about and we will get a doctor's advice this morning on the kinds of things you should pay attention to. >> the sad part is ann cannot pick the lock on my dressing roo room. >> former hollywood madame heidi fleiss is here. she has come a long way since running an escort service and spending time in prison. she will tell us about her new gig coming up and some of the stars of "twilight breaking
9:02 am
dawn." >> i love them. they're so talented. they did a really good job in the movie. >> there are three. >> the other one, not so much. >> all three. >> now, let's go inside. >> four of them do fantastic. >> check the top stories. savannah in for natalie. >> they are ganging up on you, ann. we move to new developing news in the penn state sex abuse scandal, mike mcqueary saying he saw jerry sandusky sexually assaulting a boy as young as 10 years old is defending his own actions. in an e-mail, he told a friend, i did stop it not physically but made sure it was stopped when i left that locker room. mcqueary said he did have discussions with police and the official at the university in charge of plays. today, president obama
9:03 am
announced a new security agreement with the prime minister in australia saying it will strengthen security throughout the region. china reacted quickly warning expansion of security may not be appropriate. officials are trying to find out whoever fired two shots at the white house. the bullets were found tuesday on the white house dprounds including one stopped by a ballistic glass window and they think it was fired when the president was in california and now looking for a 21-year-old man they think may be responsible. the u.s. postal service is warning it may run out of cash next september after it said it lost $5.1 billion in the past year. it blames the weak economy, e-mail and people paying bills online. the postal service asked congress for permission to end saturday delivery as a way to save money. one family has more than an answering machine to screen phone calls. it has fred. the talented feline somewhat of
9:04 am
an internet star and learned how to answer the call when the phone rings. [ phone ring iing ]. >> fred is talented, not yet learned how to take messages but we have full faith in him. it's 9:04 and back to al with a check of the weather. >> i guess that's what's called a cat call. very nice. let's show you what is happening. spritz is working right now. but in the meantime, we have severe weather from new orleans all the way up to norfolk. we have reports of tornadoes in alabama and louisiana. we have heavy rain making its way up now into the upper ohio river valley. heavy rain from jacksonville to atlanta. probably will have delays. and we're looking at a lot of wet weather. that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. we have had light rain around
9:05 am
the metro area every since last evening, and it's continuing this morning. we have heavier rain south and west of the tennessee valley. and those areas of yellow and orange is rain. and we have more moderate rain coming in throughout the entire region. right now in the 50s, and later today thanks. today's professionals weighing in on hot topics, donny deutche chairman of deutche incorporated and dr. nancy snyderman, our medical editor and -- >> she punched me. >> she punches me and it hurts.
9:06 am
>> and star jones. let's get to our hot topics. we talked about penn state last hour and whether or not jerry sandusky should have granted an interview. a lot of people are looking at penn state's actions or lack of actions and say this may be a cover-up, conspiracy of silence. >> if you understand the essence of a football program, how insular it is, they live together, breathe together, it's unfathomable if you understand that culture to think more people did not know in detail. it's the essence of what they are, like this, how could they all not know. >> i think this is the tip of the iceberg and we will hear a lot more. sandusky was allowed to quietly retire and retain all his benefits. who made that decision and when did they make that decision an what return. >> you think there will be a civil lawsuit? >> absolutely. penn state and everybody
9:07 am
connected to penn state. we don't have a right to see all the documentation yet because penn state is excluded from the right to know law. interestingly enough the former president was the one who testified to make sure penn state was excluded. >> what do you think of mike mcqueary? >> i'm mixed. now that he comes out and says, i stopped it. ve verbally stopped but didn't do anything about it. i keep coming back to the fact. he wasn't a kid. he was a 28-year-old man. what he really did, legally allowed to say right now, i don't know. at least to me, he hasn't proven to me he stepped up to the plate. >> i see much bigger villains. at least this kid reported it to the police and said stop. >> we don't have a police report. >> there will be. >> i think that there are documents that exist we are not allowed to see. remember, the grand jury said
9:08 am
specifically, we find him to be very credible. that's the quote in there. >> the board of trustees, i think the ripple effect will be extraordinary. >> the next topic, breast-feeding in public. a michigan mother in a criminal courtroom called out for breast-feeding her 5-month-old baby in the court. the judge said it was inappropriate. she said this was not against the law. the judge reportedly said, this is my courtroom. the laws don't apply in my courtroom. star. >> the laws apply more there than anywhere. first, it's a natural thing the woman was breast-feeding and clearly the baby needed to eat and she thought this was the least distracting way to keep the child calm. i don't understand the judge. sometimes judges do dumb stu. >> it seems to me every six months or so, we talk about breast-feeding in public and women are maligned. folks, this is how babies eat. get over it. >> she was doing it tastefully. >> i have never seen a woman
9:09 am
doing it where they're doing anything other than trying to be discreet. a woman's right. shame on that judge. >> if the baby is getting ready to cry and disrupting court. >> he's saying his courtroom is above the law. shame on the judge. >> i love this one. can women keep secrets? according to a new study, not more than 30 minutes. the average length of time is 32 minutes. >> i believe that. i think women are the biggest gossips. we will share anything. >> i think you are full of it. i mean, i -- >> star! >> because i'm- >> i got to tell you, my girlfriend are broke refrigerators, they can't keep anything. >> you don't tell those people. if you told me something and said, don't tell it, that's it. >> you know what, you're a doctor, so you're trained to be that way. you're absolutely trained to be. you have a professional ethic to do it. >> it perpetuates the sexism
9:10 am
women can't -- >> you disagree with the statistics and think- >> yes! >> there are differences. by the way, do -- are men less talkative for -- >> yes. >> is it fair to say by nature women gossip more than men? they just do. >> they speak and talk differently. >> you know it's true that they can't keep a secret and we're stupid in other ways. >> some of the most malicious gossipers i know are men. >> it's okay to generalize and say women are different in different ways. >> star, we need to find you new friends. >> i love my friends and have no problems with my friends. i'd rather tell the truth. i'd rather not be a polyanna and tell the truth. chicks gossip. >> bottom line, if you have a secret, don't tell it. >> to a woman or man. >> that's how we catch criminals. >> they just tell one person, it's like keeping a secret. >> don't even bring up the
9:11 am
sexiest man alive. then it will be a whole new controversy. >> let's get to our last topic, ex porn star -- wait. i skipped ahead. can men and women just be friends? i don't want to skip this. we will get to the porn star. >> my oldest best friend in the world from first grade is a woman. to me, she's like a sister i trust, i'd rather go to a woman. if we had sex, we wouldn't be friends. i don't buy this, can't be friends with a woman. that's dumb. >> we've been friends for over 15 years and traveled. >> why do people have this perception somebody will have a sexual attraction to he other. >> i don't think there is such a thing as friends with benefits. >> my closest friends are men and don't have sexual relationships and guided me through good times and bad. we make this too complicated. friendships are friendships. >> even friends who touch. >> when there's friends with
9:12 am
benefits. that's because one or both of the parties really do desire an intimate relationship. if they're really friends, that's all it is. get your hands off me. >> don't touch me. >> hr talked to me and said, don't touch the women. i don't touch them. >> now, donny, you behaved, we'll get to the porn star story. ex porn star reads to elementary school students, sasha gray, chosen by an outside talent coordinator to read to children. any have a problem with that given her past? >> not at all. they're first graders, she's volunteering her time. maybe if it was high school kids and they're aware who she is. shame on people. >> she's a porn star who's litter at. she can read. >> to be honest, unless the parent told the kid, one, what porn is and, two, they don't know what porn stars are. >> she's volunteering her time, reading to kids, this is
9:13 am
craziness. >> any time somebody wants to go into a school and help out a child, we need to let them. >> this is the good side. >> is bradley cooper the sexiest man alive? >> very sexy guy. >> since not even in ground swell of today's professionals -- >> donny, you can't nominate yourself. >> it won't happen any other wa way. >> and they need more people. >> we will still find you some more friends, star. coming up next, the embarrassing health question you don't want to ask your doctor. we will ask you that. later on, former hollywood madame, heidi fleiss is next, what's ruffling her feathers literally. there's a place called hidden valley
9:14 am
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9:16 am
this morning on "today," your embarrassing medical questions answered. dr. peterson, good to see you. >> good morning, al. >> we'll go to this first question. i snore and it keeps waking up my husband. what can do to make it stop? >> figure out what's causing it. obesity, large tonsils, allergies, drinking alcohol or sleep apnea, addressing the und und underlying issue. sleeping on your side, keeps the tongue from falling back, manage your allergies and get checked by a doctor. >> i'm a closet napper. i don't know if it means he naps
9:17 am
in a closet. is it safe to wear my contact lenses when i nap? >> it may not be. if you're not wearing extended wear contact lenses they're not as permeable and can deprive your eyes of oxygen and ask your doctor for permeable lenses called silicone, hydrodone lenses. >> why does my stomach growl when i am hungry? >> because your hungry and then because your brain contracts releasing fluids and may be a sign of gastroenter logic condition, irritable bowel condition. >> no pain, just digestion? >> yes. >> a problem for our floor manager, mark, chewing ice, can it be a sign of a bigger medical issue? >> it can. a sign of being anemic or tongue may be deficient with iron
9:18 am
deficient or the ice tastes better if you're iron deficient. go to your medical doctor to get it checked or a sign of stress. maybe mark is just stressed. >> working here? how could that be. my next question, i yawn a lot when talking to people and makes it look like i'm bored and not interesting in what they're saying. i'm not tired so why is happening? >> we don't know why it's happening but can be because you're relaxed or stressed or overworked or contagious. don't yawn on me, i don't want to yawn. anti-depressant medications can cause it. we think it's because it increases alertness and oxygen level. >> finally, what causes toenail fungus and how to treat it inter. >> >> caused by a contaminated surface that comes into contact with hur feet, the gym shower or pedicure tub. treatment can be difficult. top call medications over the counter, don't work very well.
9:19 am
try getting an oral prescription medication. it is very costly and works very well. >> if i don't do that right, i will be missing a toe. do you expect me to talks? no, i expect you to die. doctor peterson, thank you so much. coming up, before you get dold up for the holiday parties, we have hairdos and don't. first, from these messages. this year we all want something to believe in. like being able to shop for the gifts we want, however we want... and have them ready for pick up in 5 minutes, guaranteed. and if the gift we want isn't in store, it's shipped to us, free. only sears lets you get the gifts you want, when you want, at the prices you want. guarantees like that can make anyone a true believer. now that's real joy, guaranteed. use your sears card to earn up to 5% back in shop your way rewards points. but think about your heart. 2% has over half the saturated fat of whole milk.
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9:22 am
a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, take the lead. ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at if you're wondering why there are a bunch of twi hards on the plaza, it's because we have three members of the cull en group here. >> absolutely.
9:23 am
they're here to tell us about the twilight saga, "breaking dawn part one." this is packed. a honeymoon, pregnancy, birth, death. man, any only thing you don't do is buy a car. >> we still even had to break the book into two movies. the book was so jam-packed with everything. part one is a full movie in and of itself. it has so much action and romance and goes back to the original flatline. >> you've been together since 2008. i know you filmed these back to back and the second one will be released in a year. you all had to say good-bye to each other. was that emotional for you? >> we haven't really had to say good-bye yet. we still spend every day together. it doesn't feel -- i'm not sad about it yet. i will be. >> sounds like she might be sad at some point. >> does it surprise youthy fans, the real tenacity and beauty of what they feel for you guys?
9:24 am
it's pretty incredible. >> it is incredible and four years later, you don't get used to it. it still amazes us. they're still passionate. we just had the premiere four days ago and they have been there five days. we were so excited and they were excited about the film to begin with, four years later, kind of unheard of. >> anything when greeting fans and crazy requests? >> i signed a girl's forehead. >> yeah, on ellen. >> and one asked you to bite her. >> wow! a whole other movie. >> we will not bite you, no matter how you ask. >> it opens on friday. just ahead. hairdos and don't after the local news and weather. and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours...
9:25 am
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9:26 am
9:26 is your time now on this wednesday, november 16th, 2011. good morning. i am eun yang. let's check in with our meteorologist, tom kierein. rainy day, tom. >> we have a wave of low pressure in the tennessee valley that is sweeping rain from there all the way into our region. we will have passing showers coming through throughout the rest of the day. right now light rain in washington, and south and east those are the areas of red and orange. we will have passing showers with temperatures warming up from the upper 50s to low and mid-60s in the afternoon, and in the evening maybe a little thunder and lightning, and then tapering off a bit, and then cold and
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning, westbound route 50 starting to see delays. you are making your way westbound, an accident on martin luter king junior is out of the roadway, but still seeing delays. north at duke, you are jammed
9:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> that is pop sensation justin bieber, 13 million twitter followers. just 2 million shy of savannah guthrie. 36 million facebook friends. only 17 years old. 1 week from today, performing live on our plaza. that's not all. we have country stars. rascal flatts. tuesday, legendary carole king and two days of rock concerts next week. >> very exciting. justin bieber, tweet us. we need followers. one tweet can make all the difference. coming up on this half hour, heidi fleiss. a lot of people remember her as hollywood's madame. she had a roster of famous clients. she's come a long way since then and new project she's taken under her wings, a hint there. it's all about the hair. hairdos and hair don't. one don't is don't stand in a
9:31 am
drizzle. not good for the hair. >> not bothering me. we have acclaimed author, james paterson, here to talk about his latest alex cross thriller. we're across the street from our plaza near the rockefeller center tree and talking to oliv olivia, here to unveil the cross. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us about the star. >> it's a tribute for us to put this beautiful star on the tree. a huge piece. 550 pounds. over 700 l.e.d. lights. a beautiful thing. a big part of my childhood seeing that star up there. >> i was going to ask you, this is the rockefeller tree tradition. do you have any christmas holiday traditions you do every year? >> my family is into christmas and spend about 17 hours playing
9:32 am
scrabble. the tree is a big part of decorating the tree. it means a lot to me and this is very special i got to inveil the star. >> the 27th anniversary. yes. of the ornament. this year, artists inspired by the ornament will auction off five pieces that will go to a wonderful organization. it's great. a really wonderful project. >> wonderful. olivia wilde, thank you for showing off your bling on november 30th. thank you for coming. >> right now, between these two ladies,, i feel like i am -- that's what's going on around the country, and here's what's going on in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. here we have had some light rain in the metro area, but heavier downpours are rolling through the northern nek and eastern shore. we have moderate rain coming out
9:33 am
of west virginia and northern virginia and should arrive into the afternoon. we will have the showers off and on through the afternoon. right now in the mid-and upper 50s. 57 at reagan national. later today, low to mid-60s. rain off and that's your latest weather. it's time to light the light. what's it like? >> we have a whole different atmosphere going on. >> they're on the third floor and i'm on the basement? thanks, olivia. coming up next, hairdos and don't by louis ba card right after these messages.
9:34 am
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9:37 am
hollywood madame arrested, tried and convicted for running one of the most successful prostitution rings in hollywood history. >> we the jury find the defendant, heidi lynn flies guilty of the crime of pandering. >> after spending three years in prison, heidi has traded in the sex business and now in the bird business. it's all part of an animal planet special title, pro prostitutes to parrots. good morning to you. that's a catchy title. >> i wanted birds not bitches but it didn't quite fly. >> would you look at that video we just showed. 20 years past since you were convicted. can you believe it's bean so long? >> yeah. it feels like yesterday you were 19, where did 45 come from. you feel like 85, coming quicker. >> i know you say you were a much different young woman then than you are now. how do you mean? >> i think everyone hopefully, as you get older, you become wiser and your decisions become a little bit better or maybe a
9:38 am
little crazier. >> i know you moved on to nevada now. let's talk about the series on animal planet, that has to do with you raising birds. you have 19 macaws. >> i have very loud, very destructive, very spoiled macaws. to be honest, it's very hard. do i have a lot of internal conflict. some days, i do want to give them all lethal injections, but -- >> the series kind of reflects that. it's kind of crazy scene inside your house to take care of these exotic birds. sometimes watching it, it almost seems like the birds are living in your home and you're the tenant. in all seriousness, is it overwhelming? >> if i want to buy a house, i buy a house in beverly hills. this is not my house, it's for them. i'm committed to take care of them the best care possible the rest of my life. i can't throw them away. >> tell us the back story. a madam on her dyed bed
9:39 am
basically asked you. >> you will see it all on animal planet. i'm very submissive to bedridden mada madames. she said on her death bed to take care of her birds, and i told her no and the problem is i fell in love with one. that's all it took. >> now, you have all these birds, from 1 to 19. >> there's 20. 19. and it will never go to 20. there will never be another one. i don't want to be a hoarder. i can't get rid of them. obviously, i favor some over others. i can't throw them away, i can't do it. they're very sensitive animals, very intelligent, they're very pure and they have -- there should be no more bird breeding. they have terrible lives. >> you have been very up front about everything in your life including your sobriety. there's a point in your show where a friend asks you if you are sober. you say you have slipped a few
9:40 am
times and in another scene talking to the camera with a bird on your shoulder and saying you wouldn't mind having a skinny high. it raises the question, how are you doing? are you sober? nchts. >> yes. i have slipped, behind your greenroom. i like the buffet of drugs you have and choices i have. i have slipped. in the dr. drew show, it was the best thing i ever did for myself. it was embarrassing and humiliating. it was a wake-up call and did make me realize it's time to get sober. >> you've been candid about it. you said you did not like the way you appeared in that show. >> i was scared to death, horrified. really horrified. creepy. >> charlie sheen is another person whose struggles have been out there and well documented, one of the few to admit having availed himself of your service back in the day. what do you think? >> charlie, i love charlie.
9:41 am
he spends money on women, a great guy. he does what he wants. charlie is a rock star. more famous than ever, can do whatever he wants. never had a bad day in his life, born rich, he has a great life. court-martially's name would have never come out except when i was arrested i happened to have his traveler's checks in my purse, otherwise his name would have never come out. >> what are you doing now? i hear you're consulting? >> i'm consulting with dennis who owns a bunny ranch and purchased more brothels closer to las vegas and another show on legals dating, legal match making. legal. >> for match making. >> that i know inherently, in my blood, a legal dating show. >> good to talk to you. prostitutes for parrots airs tonight on the animal planet. still to come, the right hairstyle for your face. up next, the world's highest paid author according to forbes
9:42 am
magazine, james patterson. after this.
9:43 am
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fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! [ jack ] yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] half a day's worth of fiber. fiber one. the president's children are missing, washington d.c.'s water supply has been poisoned and american politicians targeted by terrorists. up against it all, detective alex cross racing against time to find the kids and stop the crimes. by james patterson, "kill alex cross." >> sounds like another typical day in washington. what's going on in congress,
9:46 am
getting anything done zbl snooncht no. but alex cross will get stuff. >> if alex cross was in congress, we would have a better country. >> this is your 17th alex cross novel. >> in twilight, they do four. 17 is hard. >> how do you keep it fresh? >> you know, i'm still interested in him and where he's going to go and bringing a kid into the house off the streets this time. he's still growing. snow the other thing i find fascinating about your writings. you are able to take these fantastic events we're just talking about. it's believable. >> i don't write realism. it's not realistic completely and i don't write superheroes. what i try to do with all the characters, whether michael bennet or maxim ride, great role models. bigger than life. when i was growing up, we had role models. >> i love to read these
9:47 am
mysteries, within the story, there are characters you think, i will see this person again. is that on purpose? >> i never know for sure. i try to make them interesting enough so you want to. when the bad person is on the page, i want to see that, at least in the book. you will see hal again. >> when you write these. >> you can tell at the end. if they're dead, you won't. >> but even then you are not sure. when we talk about alex cross, when he was on the big screen with morgan freeman and he will be back again, and a fascinating choice of alex cross. >> i agree. tyler perry. tyler will blow everybody's mind. he focused in on this and wanted to do something very dramatic and pulls it off. terrific. matthew fox from "lost" the
9:48 am
doctor, wanted to be in it and wanted to be the bad guy. and rob cohen. sicily tyson. rob cohen directed it and had done real action in "fast and furious." i know it's the best alex cross movie yet. very very good. mortgage dpan morgan is morgan, wonderful actor. >> one of the things, you have been writing for middle school kids and young adults. >> we both have 13 year-olds. >> we do. what is your advice to parents making sure your kids are engaged? >> you know, i -- this is important. if you're watching and have kids or grandkids or aunt and uncle, whatever, it's our job to find books for our kids. it's not the school's job. easy to fall in that trap, the school will do it. our job, not the school's. we teach the kid how to ride a
9:49 am
bike and throw a baseball. we're not thinking, we have to find books for them. i have a site, it's not about my books, books to turn kids on. that's one place to look. libraries, people will help, bookstores, don't be afraid. holidays are coming up. you really should buy kids a book. and make them read it. >> james patterson. as always, good to see you. you can read an excerpt at "kill alex cross" and download a preview of his next book. coming up next, hairdos.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning on today's "beauty," do you ever wonder if your hairdo is a hair don't.
9:52 am
louis is here to straighten you out on the right hairstyle for your face. good morning. >> good morning. >> are there hard and fast rules on what you should and shouldn't do in terms of hairstyles? >> there are certain things but it should be coordinated to you, your hair texture and your face. >> we have three great models. let's start with judy and show you a before picture. show us what she was doing wrong. >> judy works as a bank teller. what she did, she was lucky enough to have her boyfriend color her hair at home and when he colors it, he overlaps? . >> the price is right. >> but if you notice, the blond hair turned greeny ashy. >> should we show judy now? >> show judy now. >> fantastic. >> i immediately eliminated the green hair, gave her this honey golden blond. look at her complex. she looks like a sunny blond. >> i love the length as well.
9:53 am
>> this is great because judy has fine hair. dana gave her a great layered bob, texture, movement, the elthe revolution of more hair. >> you say if you have fine hair, it's better to have a shorter cut. >> yes. if you have fine hair. if you have your hair and can see through to the bottom, it's void of texture. >> thank you. think your boyfriend is out of a job. now to xena. tell us what she's doing wrong. she is 30 years old and mother of five. when she went to the salon, she didn't know what to ask for. she colored her hair red. you look at her skin color, slightly olive. the red color made her olive skin appear sallow. >> look at her now! >> background golden highlights. and a great haircut, 16-18 inches off.
9:54 am
fantastic makeup. she looks modern. >> and pops around this face. how do you know how short you should have your hair nor your facial shape? >> it should always accent your cheekbones. if you have a sloppy chin, she doesn't, use length to disguise it. hide your defects, accent what you love. >> accent the positive. >> and our final model, carol the before picture what she's doing wrong. >> wear roll had an extreme look. she doesn't want to look the norm. >> no. we like her edge. >> she likes to be edgy. i wanted to show her you can be edgy and still look pretty. >> wow. >> what i did was made her hair dark brown, tinted it and softened it up to light brown and auburn highlights and the bleached blond bangs so she still has the accent of lighter hair around the face and the front. we kept it red, a little funky
9:55 am
and a lot of fun. she looks gorgeous, a great haircut and even softened her makeup. >> you're looking great. thank you so much and thank you for great advice. >> thank you. coming up, kathie lee and hoda and the vampire jack. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for our best price online: just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years. you save $600. go to to sign up now and get $300 back with a two-year contract.
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9:57 am
nice landing. it was. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. good morning. 9:57 is our time right now. it's wednesday, november 16th. let's go to storm center 4 with tom kierein to find out how long the rain will last? >> we had light rain since last night and heavier downpours south and east of us. heavier rain coming out of the carolinas and tennessee and heading up our way later today. right now light rain around the metro area. we will have this off and on rain throughout the rest of the afternoon. temperatures are in the mid-and upper 50s, and later today, climb into the low and perhaps mid-60s this afternoon. an occasional shower into tonight, and maybe thunder and lightning, and all ending by noontime tomorrow. clear and colder after that. the outer loop of the
9:58 am
beltway, still seeing delays. it's a west commute and slow for you. we are at 23 miles per hour as you head towards georgia avenue. i-95, and slow to fairfax county parkway, and delays continue at i-395. i-395. those delays continue to the
9:59 am
captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is
10:00 am
"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. it's sort of drizzly, winesday, wednesday. november 16th. so glad you're here with us today midweek. hello, hodie woman. >> hi, hon. >> i'm so excited for you. you must just be out of your mind excited. >> about what? >> "people" magazine just came out with the sexiest man alive. here we have the cover. here it is. it is jay! there it is! >> yes, indeedy. yes, he should be. but instead, the sexiest man alive -- >> frank gifford, too! at 81 i'll put him up against anybody. . thank you very much. >> the real sexiest man alive, of course -- >> not the real. the one according to "people" magazine, bradley cooper.
10:01 am
i certainly can't complain about that choice. how about you? >> no. he's 36. he's single. he's sort of been paired up with a lot of people. with renee zellweger for a while. was he with j.lo? >> apparently not. he says the two women in his life are his mother and his doggy. those two relationships are going to last, you know? >> he's sexy. there's something sexy about a man speaking a foreign language. >> he's intelligent. >>. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> keep talking, honey. >> i heard las vegas. >> las vegas is the same in french. >> i know. that's what i heard. anyway, congrats to him. one of our sexy guys who we like a lot, jimmy fallon. jimmy fallon, this is green is
10:02 am
universal week. jimmy fallon decided to poke a little fun at that. he was giving us basically the pros and cons of green week. let's listen. >> and, finally, pro of the recycling bins at nbc are already filled with hundreds of bottles. from kathie lee and hoda this morning. >> you know what? the man's right. cheers. >> here's to winesday. >> all right. okay. we talked the other day about losing your car, forgetting where you've left it. we heard about you. we heard from you, too. right? >> exactly. people had different suggestions on how to track your car down. whether it's at the mall, you park it on the street or like this guy we talked about after the marathon that couldn't find his car. jean ellis suggests -- >> she was the first one. quite a few suggested this. >> she says take a picture with your cell phone. >> your iphone, hodie. >> your iphone and then mark it. so you know, ha! there it is. >> exactly. >> here's the funny thing.
10:03 am
i'm learning more. now i'm using my iphone like crazy. >> yeah, i know. >> i'm getting dumber and dumber. >> imagine that. >> the iphone does everything. >> everything! >> it knows every number. it can tell you the -- you don't have to remember anything. you can ask it to do things like i can see that as we keep using technology, you really don't have to think. i cannot -- i only know, like, five phone numbers by heart. if i lost my phone, i wouldn't have anyone's phone number. i used to know when i was a kid -- >> and addresses and zip codes and everything else. >> i know zero now. i feel a little bit weird. if i lose it -- >> that's the trouble. when these things crash. i feel good. i'm tech free. and clear. you know what feels good? really good. we said this would happen. justin bieber's baby case has been dropped. the paternity suit has been dropped, quietly, they say, dismissed. >> remember, though, he said i'll take that paternity test has required by law. he, of course, said he had never met the woman or didn't know who she was. he said when i pass it and it's not me, i'm going to sue you.
10:04 am
>> right. >> and so then this woman who accused him of this withdrew her case. so there. it's withdrawn. >> i'm delighted. i'm delighted. and i doubt he'll sue her further. >> i think he wants it -- he probably just wants the thing over with. >> it certainly would have sent a nice -- a nice message to would be people out there that want to cash in on somebody who's vulnerable. we think these people have everything in the world, right? they're incredibly vulnerable to these kinds of suits. and attacks. >> miley cyrus is in the news. you know what's funny? she's 18 years old and she's curvy, okay. i guess you would call her curvy. i think she's thin. i can't even tell the definition. >> i haven't seen a recent picture of her. i think she looks beautiful. >> she's 18. some people are criticizing her for being -- >> look at her. she looks fantastic. >> aren't you tired of people who are always looking and poking and saying, you know, talking about weight. i get sick of it. i really get sick of it.
10:05 am
>> here's the thing. she pretty much said this. by calling girls like me fat, this is what you're doing to other people. she showed a picture of an extremely emaciated young girl. she said, i love myself. if you could say the same thing you wouldn't be sitting anonymously behind a computer saying mean, nasty things, trying to hurt other people. that's exactly right. the people who do the hating are the people with the problem. >> i agree. >> look at yourself. if you're hiding there because your life is miserable and the only way you can feel better about your miserable life is to put other people down, you know -- >> get over it. i agree 100%. >> or have the guts to put your name on it and say where you are and who you are so that, you know, don't be a coward as well as a creep. >> that's true. i don't think that the computers -- some people say the anonymity makes you more honest. i don't think that that's the case at all. >> no. it emboldens you to be what you really are. >> yes. cruel and mean. >> right. >> welcome to our program. >> let's not say bye-bye to brad
10:06 am
pitt. we also said this. he's saying he didn't necessarily put an expiration date on his acting career. >> yesterday he did that thing on "60 minutes" australia. they asked him about his acting career. according to them he said at 50 i'm done acting. >> go on to produce. >> now he's saying that wasn't what i meant. i meant i'm -- he's going to pursue other things. >> you know, he doesn't do just one thing. he's always been interested in other things. architecture and different -- he's certainly done a lot of good in this world as well. you know, i think you can sense when you're an artist or you're a creative person what -- what feeds you and what's down the line for you. >> sure. i'm just thinking about this movie i saw yesterday with meryl streep. it's called "the iron lady." it's about margaret thatcher. and she is so genius in this -- >> meryl streep. what else is new? >> she plays a young margaret thatcher and an older one. the way she transforms herself,
10:07 am
you always believe her in everything. >> she embodies every single character. >> it's not like clooney. it's true. when you see clooney you know it's george clooney playing a person. when you see meryl streep, you think she's julia childs or margaret thatcher. >> she's always been my favorite. i remember going, oh, my gosh. she's just -- i love the question james lipton asked her on "the actor's studio." he said all this talent, this genius, where does it come from? meryl looks at him and goes, new jersey? that makes you love her, too. she's very modest about the incredible gift she has. >> if you are traveling, and you may be because it's the holiday time, would you rather have the airline lose your luggage indefinitely, or would you rather have your flight delayed for hours, maybe even 12 hours so you may even miss the event.
10:08 am
>> you let us know what you think. i mean, the word indefinitely is kind of scary. and it all depends on what's in your luggage. and where you're going. whether you can get what you need once you get there. >> i was flying from orlando where we were to boca. >> not a long trip. >> just a quick flight. i put the stuff, gave it to the guy. watched him put it on to the conveyor belt. i get off the plane. i don't see my bag. 25 people don't get their bags. please come to the baggage line and fill out the forms. i get in the line. i'm going to fill out the forms. it takes forever. she said what color? red. a wheelly? yes. three items that are in it. i said gold shoes with straps. what size? i was like this. there are 25 people who are -- who have had it. you know what i mean? i understand, they have to make sure that someone's not taking your bag. but -- >> your name is on your bag or
10:09 am
else they don't let you check it to begin with. second, you just didn't want her to know your shoe size. come on. right? you know, that's a personal question. >> they're 7s. so there. 9 1/2. she goes, 9 1/2. okay. 9 1/2. what about a dress? it's red. what color. what's with it. >> it's crazy. >> i know. you said they were selling seats a whole lot more now, too, right? i don't know. it's hard to believe their losing as much money as they say they're losing. they're going to charge you per peanut from now on. >> i think i'd rather lose my luggage, think. it depends. i don't usually travel with too much stuff. i was bummed. we had an event that night and my clothes were in it, so we skipped it. >> when you get to be my age, you don't care about things as much as time. you can never have time back. get another pair of shoes. i'll always go with time. >> all right. >> that was so depressing. all right. it is green is universal
10:10 am
winesday. we are drinking wnb wine. white wine from argentina. >> i did try it. it's like a box wine. a little mini box wine. >> it's very nice. okay. >> mmm. yeah. do you like it? not for you? >> no. but we're very grateful they're doing it, making it green. sorry. i'm never going to lie to the folks. >> you do always tell the truth. it's thanksgiving. time to be thankful. >> we want to know what you're thankful for. >> i bet you're reading good ones. >> the one thing i have to say, our contest ends today at 2:00. it's important if you want to be part of it you go there today. you have to like the facebook page first. and then select the graphic "being thankful today." posting it on the wall does not make you an official -- it's not an official submission as much as we love reading it. but you -- let's see. let's make sure we hit all these important points. more than 10,000 of you have already entered. go on there and you're going to win -- oh, gosh. >> can we get back to you on
10:11 am
that? you're probably going to have v.i.p. seating and breakfast for four, maybe. >> breakfast for four. yep. the thanksgiving day parade by time warner. >> two food, fashion and fun shopping packages provided by time warner center is what we've heard. >> you're going to take it from here, ladies. i'm so thankful for both of you. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> all right. it is time to talk "twilight," you guys. we have actor jackson rathbone. he's in the house. >> yep. later, out of 700 pairs, we've got this season's best jeans for your body. but first these messages. covergirls -- it's time to set your lashes free. new natureluxe mousse mascara! luxurious volume with a light-as-air feel.
10:12 am
we took out a heavy synthetic and put in a light touch of beeswax. up with the volume, down with the weight. lashes are 20% lighter than the most expensive mascara. new natureluxe mousse mascara. so free your volume! and...your easy breezy beautiful covergirl. and try natureluxe glossbalm.
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they're called twihard fans and they've been anxiously awaiting friday's opening of the fourth installment of the series. >> they'll be thrilled to know heartthrob jackson rathbone is back. jasper hale in the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn part 1." >> it's been crazy. amazing. we're doing another gig. getting to play vampires. it's always fun, right? it just kind of blew up. >> you hadn't read the book so you hadn't been a fan or had you? >> i read the book in preparation for the audition. i was always reading -- it was amazing. yeah. no, the books are incredible. they brought people together around the world. mothers and daughters. it's exciting. >> the end of anything is always sad. i can't imagine what it was like shooting the last scene with you and the whole cast. what was that like? >> luckily for us, we were doing a scene where the whole family was together.
10:16 am
it was the wedding reception. >> yeah, sure. >> it was lovely. we just did -- ashley greene and i did our little dance number together. it was about 3:00 a.m. in the morning when they finally called picture wrap. we all kind of looked at each other. i can't believe this is it. one of the last moments. >> you shot both movies during one time period, right? >> that's correct. parts 1 and 2 at the same time. >> you're goods friends outside of the shooting schedule, the group? >> we're all good friends. we grew up together as young actors. >> wolves and vampires that grow up together have a tendency to stay close. >> stay close at night. we're not in the sun too much. >> your character struggles with wanting to be a vampire of -- how would you describe him? he wants to be a good vampire. >> a good vampire. you know, a vampire who doesn't attack humans anymore. >> he doesn't permanently suck people's blood. he wants to just keep it about animals, right? >> exactly. kind of like the vegetarian vampire. >> vegan. >> vampire vegan. which means they only eat
10:17 am
animals. peta doesn't like it. it's good. it's an interesting take on the modern vampire. >> it's fun watching your fans. we've been watching them camp out for days. i'm wondering, i can't remember a film where people camped out for as many days as they have for you guys. your fans really are unique, huh? >> they're amazing. honestly, without their love and their passion we wouldn't have been able to do this entire series, saga. it's because of their love and support that i get to be here today. >> you loved them back. you went out there while they were all camped out and served a little breakfast and took care of them? >> i was trying up eggs, serving bacon. no. we partnered with the corner bakery. they did some breakfast. we went out and did some signings. that's what's important to me. when i get to travel with my band or through the press corps, i get to see the fans. i love that immediate gratification of just kind of seeing the smiles on their faces. that's why i became an artist. >> you didn't really choose it. it sort of chose you, right? you were -- your sisters were involved in theater. >> that's right, yeah. my sisters were doing theater.
10:18 am
i was having trouble making friends when i first moved to texas. i've been moving around my entire life every year and a half or so. then my sisters were doing theater. and my parents were like, oh, why don't you go join up? >> at first you were behind the scenes. >> i was. i built sets. i started off, my dad's an engineer. we used to build a lot of things together. >> the magic started wearing off. you saw the actors were getting the girls. >> exactly. what can i say? the first reason i picked up a guitar, same thing. just -- >> your band is 100 monkeys. you mentioned that. >> why not 99? why 100? >> it's going to be an idea of the selective consciousness. we're all connected on a universal level. >> he's too smart for us. >> you're too smart for me. come on. >> thanks for coming to see us. >> we wish you all the best. you don't need it. it's going to be a huge, huge, huge, success. >> i love wishes of success. thank you. >> in case you've been living under a rock, again, "twilight saga: breaking dawn part 1"
10:19 am
opens miz nigdnight thursday. up next, if you're in need of a chuckle, "what the what?" is coming up right after this. i've been in your shoes. one day i'm on p of the world... the next i'm saying... i have this thing called psoriatic arthritis. i had some intense pain. it progressively got worse. my rheumatologist told me about enbrel. i'm surprised how quickly my symptoms have been managed. [ male announcer ] because enbrel suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness.
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call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. we're back with our very funny "what the what?" >> ms. sara has scoured through your photos and is here with her top picks. >> we've got good ones. our first is from tina sweat from atlanta, georgia. this one guaranteed low price
10:23 am
and quality. at least you're guarantees low quality and low price. they did take that sign down. it kinds of reads, i'd say, funny. our next photo sent in by conrad mcroberts from houston, texas. do they have mclaser correction? i guess that was at a super store. they had both the mcdonald's and the vision center. it was an unusual placement. >> yes, it was. >> next up, susan conklin from turner, maine. not what maine generally is known for when it comes to scenic. that was in front of a dump. it was on purpose. clearly that sign maybe was misplaced. steven from howl, new jersey. this guy rides into a farmer's parkt on his horse. went in, came out with an apple. proceeded to share his apple with his horse. one bite for him, one bite -- then one bite for him. that's gross. a little too much sharing, i think. >> i agree. >> i love that the horse just stood there.
10:24 am
didn't try to leave. just stayed in his parking spot. >> he knows how to park. he even backed into that spot. next up from denise edward from lakewood, ohio. this is just my juvenile sense of humor coming out. nuf said, n-u-f. finally lloyd from spearfish, south dakota. so which way is pine cone? which way did they go? which way did they go? don't forget to send us your photos. we want to see what crazy stuff you're seeing. >> thank you. >> balancing your blended family just in time for the holidays. plus, 700 pairs of jeans. someone went through them all just to find out the very best fit for your body. and that crowd right there. they're about to play "who kn ? knew?" with kathie lee. after your local news. kinect f, this season's hottest games and...sweatbands. ♪ boom, boom, boom, gotta get-get ♪ ♪ boom, boom, boom, gotta get-get ♪
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fios. a network ahead. today's green is universal
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is brought to you by glad trash bags. now stronger with less plastic waste. weir back with more of "today" ready to play our weekly trivia game, "who knew?" to celebrate green week we are putting our knowledge of the environment to the test. as always, kathie lee is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out $100 to those who answer the question right. to those who don't, they get a copy of her cd. she made them applaud. here to help me, held liss is a myers environmental contributor for nbc and founder of are we ready? >> look at this beautiful family from texas. so nice to see you all. recycling one ton of paper saves which of the following? 20 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, six months of power in the average home or, "d," all of the above. >> all of the above. >> you are smart, texas lady. >> oh, wow.
10:31 am
all of the above? i wouldn't have guessed it. >> all of the above. recycling one ton of paper also saves landfill space and pollutants. about 60 pounds of air pollutants. we can always recycle paper. it's something so easy for us to do. >> there are bins for everything. back across to kath. >> all right. so i'm an idiot. they're not family from texas. they are! she's from tennessee. and she's with these people. i don't know. all right, honey. here's your question. all right. i'll get to it. i'm getting old here. which of the following characters sings "it's not easy being green"? is it shrek, the grinch, kermit the frog or the hulk? >> look how happy she is. every age knows it's kermit the frog. >> absolutely. kermit the frog is our favorite muppet. it was written in 1970 for the first season of sesame street.
10:32 am
now green is known for being eco-friendly. it is easy being green. just shut the lights when you leave the room. don't leave the water running when you brush your teeth. >> those are basics. easy ones. all right. >> i tell my kids those all the time. >> back across to kath. >> this is an old pal peggy from ohio. been coming to see me everywhere for 20 years. so i hope she wins my album. which uses less water, washing a full load of dishes by hand or in the dishwasher? >> oh, my gosh. it would be washing them in the -- the dishwasher? what was the other one? a full load by hand? >> uh-huh. >> i'll go with the dishwasher. >> good girl! >> she got it right! you would think -- you would think that washing by hand would actually save you a little bit of water because you can see what's happening right in front of you. >> that's right. actually using an energy saving dishwasher saves 50% more watew.
10:33 am
>> good to know. back across the street. >> another sweet lady from illinois, renee. which of the following is recycleab recycleable. jeans, tires, wine bottles, all of the above. >> all of the above. >> she's right. >> tiring can be used as fuel and made into athletic mats. jeans, i mean, we can do so much with jeans. tote bags, patches. i actually a few years ago used my daughter's jeans to make american girl doll clothing. >> you're kidding. that's smart. >> so cute. >> how old is your daughter? >> right now, she's 14. like i said, a few years ago. >> back in the day. don't want to embarrass her. back across. >> friend of yours, hoda, from new orleans. true or false. appliances that are turned off do not use electricity. >> that's false. >> everybody's so smart. you're right. you've got to unplug everything. your cell phone, the whole deal. >> unplug your toaster, your cell phone, your microwave. anything you can think of that takes power needs to be
10:34 am
unplugged. >> okay. thanks, hon. coming up next, searching for the perfect pair of jeans? we scoured 700 pairs, wound up with the tops right after this. . [ sniffing ] ...something wonderful is as near as your nose. ♪ ♪ just pop up pop tarts. sprinkled with joy and frosted with fun... [ laughs ] ...they make ordinary extraordinary. [ cheering ] so you can make any day joylicious! ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clorox disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips.
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10:38 am
time for "today's style." weir taking you shopping for the jeans that are going to fit your body just right. >> "people" style watch started with 700 pairs of jeans and found the best one for its first annual denim awards. it's got to be another awards show. kate dimmic, the magazine's fashion director. narrowing down 700 pairs. >> can you believe it? we tried on. we talked to lots of our reader. we really found the best jeans for the categories of celeb faifs, budget and body type. >> you've got a pair on right now. >> i want to show you my jeans. these are mih. they're $189. these are great jeans. they won for the tall category.
10:39 am
they're also, the style is more so fist ca sew feophisticat sophisticated. great for anyone over 40. >> let's talk celebs. what to we have? >> this our paige. it's a skinny. it's $158. every celebrity loves this jean. it's fantastic. it's really easy to wear. it's very versatile. it's soft. >> it is soft, hoda. >> gwen stefani loves these jeans. we've seen them on everybody. >> they're very thin. they're not a thick jean. >> exactly. >> what about the ones you've got next to her. >> these jeans are from j. brand. j. brand is a celeb fave brand. these jeans have the it factor. $200. beyonce to katie holmes to heidi klum, all the celebs go to j. brand. >> let's get affordable.
10:40 am
50 bucks. come on, mia. tell us about these. >> these are from american eagle outfitters. $49.50. this is just -- it's a great jean. it looks like a jean you've had in the closet. it's a vintage flare. it has that worn in look. it's a sturdy fabric. it's just -- it's a great jean for that price point. >> let's go for under $100. let's see what carly's wearing. >> dkny. avenue b skinny mo toe jean for $70. i love all the detail you get for this price. motocross details on the leg. a darker wash. wear it to work. dress it up. an amazing jean for the price point. >> nice, carly. thank you. all right. our sexiest jean is worn by lauren. tell us about these jeans. >> from the gap, 1969 skinny five-pocket jean. this is about $70. and the pocket placement as well as the dark wash make it a great jean for dressing up. we found that a lot of people
10:41 am
feel their sexiest in this kind of jean style, a skinny jean. this is a great choice. >> you have to be really thin, though. >> you do. >> you know what, though? the placement of these pockets actually -- >> she's got a beautiful, tiny, little figure. >> it's beautiful. it's sexy. it's dark. it's flattering. it's really a good jean. >> i could get one leg in the whole thing. >> let's start our body shaping category. we have carolincaroline. >> this is the dennison from levi. about $27. >> what? >> there's technology where it lifts your butt. it pulls in your stomach. this is a fantastic jean for body shaping. >> cool. i like that. >> terrific. spanx built in. >> a boot cut jean, more flattering in general. >> for plus size we have bu burnadette. >> not your daughter's jeans. janice legging. this jean has that same effect
10:42 am
of accommodating curves, lifting the butt, slimming the tummy and creating a nice, long leg. >> thanks, hon. lastly, our petite category. we have nicole. >> these are from old navy. nicole. these are about $35 from old navy. this is a great jean. this is a rock star jegging. when you're petite, you always -- a more tailored jean is what works for someone that's petite. this has a shorter inseam. you won't have to take this and have them shortened. >> let's bring everybody out. >> thanks for doing all the work. >> i feel so excited. the very first annual denim awards! >> thank you for having us! coming up next, making your blenld e blended family work for everybody. >> drink up if you might need it. the great thanksgiving day wines. sorry, aldo. right after this. [ bells dinging ]
10:43 am
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10:47 am
today's mom is brought to you by have you tried this yet from p & g. time for "today's mom" and balancing your blended family. as wonderful as it is to have found love, that second or third or fourth or fifth time around, the layers of a step-family can seem particularly stressful at times. >> dana points is the editor and chief of "parents" magazine. michelle callahan is psychologist, marriage expert and author of "ms. typed." that is true. when you bring -- it's nice to fall in love again. you bring kids into the mix. >> sometimes they're not so happy for you. >> you've got sibling squabbles, separation issues. the good thing is you probably both have a little relationship experience. you can get through this, you know. >> one of the things that comes up a lot, specially when you have kids from two different families is disciplining your husband's children. >> the ones you don't own. >> you make that decision, you just make that obviously ahead of time, yeah? >> what we found is it actually works better if you don't put the step-parent in the role of
10:48 am
disciplinarian right away. let the biological parent take the lead. you also want to have a conversation about what are the things you agree about how they're going to be disciplined, what's right, what's wrong. you are blending kids from different families. now they've got three, maybe four different parental figures. you've got to have an understanding of what the rules are. >> they're going to push your buttons, too, aren't they? they know what your vulnerable -- >> they try to pit parents against each other if they can. if they want something. they do that in biological families. you know they'll take advantage in step-families. >> kids like consistentsy. when you have a blended family sometimes you're spending part of the week at one parent's house. the other part at -- >> that's tough for kids. >> there are different times. >> we talk a lot about the importance of consistency. across two households it's less important. what's really important is that in your household, they know that these are your rules. so, for example, when you go to your dad's house bedtime might be this. when you're in this house bedtime is 8:00. >> tell your ex-husband, look, why toent you --
10:49 am
>> i think you really want to pick your battles there. don't try to have uniform rules across both households. pick a few things that are really important to you. maybe it's bedtime. maybe it's supper time. really come with your ex as a collaborator. >> what if one of the kids is trying to sabotage your relationship with your husband? that could happen. >> that does happen. >> a child doesn't like -- >> i would say it happens but not until the kids are older. i don't know if you would agree. i would say under the age of 10, kids don't think like that. you know, they might think about i want more time with my daddy because i had this time before this new mommy came on the scene. but they're not devious that way. >> they use the biological -- their other parent to help them do that. that's where that comes from. if you're a little kid, you complain to your parent at home. and they go and help manipulate the other parent to get what you want from them. >> you need to give them that time with each, you know, parent. >> that means you have to increase the communication between you and the other biological parent to say, hey, listen, the kid's trying to get
10:50 am
between the two of us biological parents, trying to play games between me and my current spouse or you and your current spouse. let's try to all get on the same page. which is really difficult. as you were saying, people have different rules in their home. they have different ideas about how to parent. it's very challenging. >> especially during the holidays when everybody's sitting around the table together. you know what i mean? >> one more reason to stay in the marriage you're already in. try to make that one work. time for a little wine. >> up next, aldo is here with picks for thanksgiving day dinner. first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
as you plan your thanksgiving day dinner, there is no time like right now to think about the perfect wine pairing. >> chef aldo -- >> like another language. >> is here with five wines that will complement your savory turkey, stuffing and gravy.
10:54 am
aldo, how are you? >> great. >> we're beginning with a little pub bubbly. >> always a good time for champagne. especially thanksgiving. i brought a half bottle. >> why did you do that? >> why? you can romantically start in the morning. enjoy yourself a little bit. >> you're a romantic kind of guy? >> isn't that fun? >> yeah. love our aldo. >> especially on thanksgiving. >> that is nice. >> very sweet. >> champagne. fresh fruit. i continue here with a burgundy. it's a chardonnay. french. you have a freshness, elegance. the oak is present, but integrated. >> i don't like a huge oaky taste. we'll give it a shot. >> is this with turkey dinner? >> i picked dinner for me, as a foreigner, i had to ask a lot of friends, how do you celebrate thanksgiving and what do you eat
10:55 am
with it? it's all about the food, basically. everybody gave me the same answer. you need wines with a freshness that are not going to overpower the turkey. that's fresh. keeps you drinking. >> perfect. >> we need that. what's this? >> i moved on with actually a chardonnay from california. >> i can't see the name of that. ghandi? >> sandi. >> related to ghandi. we can't see the labels. >> it has a freshness, an elegance. california is always warmer. you have issues getting a fresh acidity. this one has it. it has an elegance. oak is present but super integrated. red wine can be appealing. i picked one from sicily. frappato. normally you read very often pinto noir with turkey. they have a lightness, elegance, without getting tired. >> really?
10:56 am
>> totally. sip that all the time. look at italians in sicily. >> they are happy people. >> really happy. >> i moved on with another one. moulin a vent. >> you've got the world's greatest job. >> i get paid for drinking. >> that's nice. >> so does steven burk. >> you feel a bit more richness, elegance. you have also some elegance with it. all those wines actually support all the stuff, the gravy and the turkey. >> aldo, thank you so much. >> are you going to be there thanksgiving day? >> oh, yes. >> at -- >> no. tomorrow, everybody, "twilight's" ashley greene with us. >> she's beautiful. plus, our guys te all. we mis those guys. easy thanksgiving day desserts. have an awesome winesday, wednesday, everybody. because tomorrow is thirstday thursday.
10:57 am
-- captions by vitac --
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